9th International Whitehead Conference

9th International Whitehead Conference

Society and Process - from Theory to Practice

9-12.09.2013 - Krakow, Poland

At the Conference

Program and Sections

Conference Schedule

The detailed conference schedule may be downloaded here:

Conference Schedule (published 2013-09-05)

Please note that now there should be no more changes to the conference schedule.

For a quick overview, please consult this outline:

Monday, 9 Sep Tuesday, 10 Sep Wednesday, 11 Sep Thursday, 12 Sep
09:00 AM Conference Opening Plenary Lecture 3 Plenary Lecture 5 Plenary Lecture 7
09:30 AM Conference Opening Plenary Lecture 3 Plenary Lecture 5 Plenary Lecture 7
10:00 AM Conference Opening Coffee break Coffee break Conference Closing
10:30 AM Plenary Lecture 1 Plenary Lecture 4 Plenary Lecture 6
11:00 AM Plenary Lecture 1 Plenary Lecture 4 Plenary Lecture 6 Meeting of the IPN**
11:30 AM Coffee break Meeting of the IPN
12:00 Plenary Lecture 2 Sessions Sessions Meeting of the IPN
12:30 Plenary Lecture 2 Sessions Sessions Meeting of the IPN
01:00 PM Lunch Sessions Sessions
01:30 PM Lunch Lunch Sessions
02:00 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch Excursions
02:30 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
03:00 PM Sessions Lunch Lunch
03:30 PM Sessions Sessions Lunch
04:00 PM Sessions Sessions Sessions
04:30 PM Coffee break Sessions Sessions
05:00 PM Sessions Coffee break Sessions
05:30 PM Sessions Sessions Sessions
06:00 PM Sessions Sessions
06:30 PM Sessions
07:00 PM Meeting of the ESPT* Banquet and concert
07:30 PM Meeting of the ESPT Banquet and concert
08:00 PM Meeting of the ESPT Banquet and concert
08:30 PM Banquet and concert

* ESPT = European Society for Process Thought
** IPN = International Process Network

Conference Sections and Chairs

Section Name Section Chairs
1. Process philosophy / Process ontology Helmut Maassen (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2. "Continental" Philosophy (Phenomenology and Existentialism, Poststructuralism, Marxism and Neo-Marxism, etc.) Leslie Muray (Milton, Massachusetts, United States)
3. "Anglo-American" Philosophy (Pragmatism, Analytic philosophy, Constructive Post-Modernism, etc.) Ludwig Jaskolla (Munich, Germany)
Franz Riffert (Salzburg, Austria)
4. Ethics / Aesthetics / Arts / Literature Martin Kaplicky (Prague, Czech Republic)
5. Science and Process Philosophy (Mathematics, Informatics, Cosmology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry) Vesselin Petrov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
6. Social Sciences (Sociology, Political Sciences, Law, Human rights) Barbara Muraca (Jena, Germany)
7. Education Adam Scarfe (Winnipeg, Canada)
8. Psychology / Philosophy of Mind / Neuroscience / Language
8a. Translator's Subsection
Maria Teresa Teixeira (Lisbon, Portugal)
9. Philosophy of Religion / Theology Kurian Kachappilly (Bangalore, India)
10. Ecological Civilization Meijun Fan (Claremont, United States)
Herman Greene (Claremont, United States)
Zhihe Wang (Claremont, United States)


Presented Papers

The conference booklet containing the abstracts of all accepted talks can be downloaded here:

Abstract Book (DRAFT VERSION!) (published 2013-08-13)

Plenary Lectures

The following plenary lectures will be held at the Conference:

Plenary Lecture 1. Piotr Gutowski: Process and Society. W. James, A.N Whitehead, and a normative dimension of process philosophy

Plenary Lecture 2. Roland Faber: Process, Progress, Excess: Whitehead and the Peace of Society

Plenary Lecture 3. Kurian Kachappilly: A Theodicy for the Postmodern Age

Plenary Lecture 4. Herman Greene: The Whiteheadian Century: A Look Ahead

Plenary Lecture 5. Catherine Keller: Relation, Uncertainty and the Practices of Becoming

Plenary Lecture 6. Zhihe Wang: Constructive Postmodernism, Chinese Marxism, and Ecological Civilization

Plenary Lecture 7. Michel Weber: Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Whiteheadian socialism

The abstracts of the talks and brief biograms of the speakers may be downloaded here:

Plenary Lectures (published 2013-07-25)

Local information

Conference venue

The conference will take place in Krakow, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. Plenary lectures will be held at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and sessions will take place at the Pontifical University of John Paul II, both venues located in the very heart of Krakow Old Town.


• Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Slawkowska 17 Str., Krakow
• The Pontifical University of John Paul II, Franciszkanska 1 Str., Krakow

Travel tips

Getting from Krakow Balice airport to the city centre

1. By train: Krakow Balice Airport - Krakow Glowny (City Center)

When you pass through the passport control in Krakow Airport and find yourself in the arrivals hall, go out from the airport building through the nearest automatic doors.

In front of you, there will be parking for taxis and buses, and, slightly to the right, a bus stop for a free scheduled bus (just next to the little steps leading from the main gate of the international terminal). On the bus stop you can find information about the bus departures to the railway station Krakow-Balice (which is just a few minutes ride). Notice that buses leave a few minutes earlier than the timetable given on this website, because the timetable is given for train departures, and does not include the time for transfer of the scheduled bus to the railway station. The timetable of the scheduled bus is available at the bus stop beside the terminal.

The bus will take you to the train station in just a few minutes. Now, you need to board the train, which shall be waiting for you. The train will take you to the central railway station in Krakow in 19 minutes. The price of a one-way ticket is 12 PLN. Cards are not always accepted on the train, so please make sure that you have a sufficient amount of Polish currency before boarding the bus.

Additionally, you may check the timetable at: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en.

2. By minibus

A number of private airport bus services are available at the airport. You can easily find them after going out from the building. The price of direct transfer to Krakow city center is 20 PLN. One of a few popular private transfer services is Matuszek It is possible to buy a ticket online before arrival from this website: http://www.matuszek.com.pl/.

3. By public bus: numbers 208, 292, 902

The public bus stop is a few steps to the right of the main gate. The current timetable is available online.

4. By taxi

Plenty of taxis are available from the airport terminals. The price to Krakow City Center varies from 50 to 70 PLN. You are advised to confirm the price with a driver before getting into the car.

Transport leaflet

For your convenience, you may also wish to consult the following leaflet which contains a map of the Krakow Airport and some practical information.


We are happy to inform that the following hostels have agreed to provide accommodation to conference participants. When booking the rooms, please mention the Whitehead Conference and you will be given a discount.

10% discount

• Brama Hostel, http://www.bramahostel.pl/
• Honey Hostel, http://www.honeyhostel.com/
• Hostel Centrum-Krakow, http://www.centrumkrakow.pl/
• New Retro Hostel, http://hostelnewretro.blogspot.com/p/start.html
• Hostel 70's, http://www.hostel70s.com/
• Deco Hostel, http://www.hosteldeco.pl/
• Yellow Hostel, http://www.hostelyellow.com/
• Lux Hostel, http://apartamentyakademickie.pl/pl
• Rest Hostel, http://www.hostelrest.pl/
• Stairway Hostel, http://www.stairway-hostel.pl/
• Hostel Aleje 28, http://www.aleje28.pl/
• Flower Hostel, http://www.flowerhostel.pl/

15% discount

• Freedom Hostel, http://www.freedomhostel.pl/index.html
• Hostel Momotown, http://www.momotownhostel.com/

Other discounts

• Old Wall's Hostel, http://www.oldwallshostel.pl/ - 10% discount for 2 nights, 15% discount for 3 and more nights
• Hostel Faust, http://www.fausthostel.pl/home - special offer: single room for 130 PLN, double room for 150 PLN
• RK Hostel, http://www.rkhostel.pl/ - 10% discount for the 2nd and 3rd night
• Lemon Hostel, http://www.lemonhostel.pl/ - 12% discount for 2 nights, 20% discount for 3 and more nights
• Panorama Hostel, http://www.twojnocleg.pl/ - 5% discount
• Hostel Olimp (AGH), http://www.taniehostele.pl - special offer: single room for 65 PLN, double room for 85 PLN
• Tara Hostel, http://www.tarahostel.com/ - 10% discount only for booked rooms
• Secret Garden Hostel, http://www.thesecretgarden.pl/ - 10% discount only for rooms booked before 1 Sep, 2013

Conference Banquet and Excursions

On Wednesday evening, there will be an opportunity to participate in the Conference Banquet - a dinner in one of the Old Town's picturesque restaurants, offering the best of Polish cuisine, with musical accompaniment. The cost of participation is 30 USD.

On Thurday afternoon, three excursions will be organized for the participants that will select this option during the registration process (for more information, see the Registration section at this website). The following options are available:

A walking tour of Krakow - 15 USD
Krakow is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of Poland and attracts millions of tourists each year with its unique combination of Rennaissance architecture and other influences too numerous to mention. The entire Old Town is included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, so the best way to experience Krakow is simply to stroll around with your eyes and ears wide open. A small taste of what may be encountered on a walking tour can be seen at Krakow's official website (opens in new window).
Pictured: a panorama of Krakow (source: Wikimedia)

A bus trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine - 35 USD
The Wieliczka Salt Mine operated continuously from the 13th century until 2007. Now it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the Krakow area of Poland, with its 300 kilometers of tunnels reaching depths of more than 300 meters - all carved in rock salt. Among the breathtaking creations found in the Salt Mine one may find dozens of statues, three chapels and an entire cathedral. More information may be found at the Salt Mine's official website (opens in new window).
Pictured: A chandelier carved in rock salt (source: Wikimedia)

A bus trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp - 25 USD
The Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest of the German concentration camps. The museum and memorial was established in 1946 and since then almost 30 million visitors have passed through the iron gates crowned with the infamous motto "Arbeit macht frei" (work makes you free). More information may be found at the official museum website (opens in new window).
Pictured: The main entrance to the museum (source: Wikimedia)

The registrations for the excursions and the banquet are now closed.